Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April maker challenge 12 and 13- Jacob's Ladder and raised garden beds

Two-fer today, to make up for yesterday. I wish I could get it together and post daily.

The first is a simple Jacob's ladder. I've always wanted one of these and it's an affront to my tinkering nature that more than 10 years after I started into electronics, I still haven't made one up.

The second is a raised garden bed for my vegetable garden. We'll be moving next week (eep!) and I have no interest in tilling up a large patch of yard in a rental property, and I'll need to buy some kind of soil to make it support plants anyway (there's little chance of success in the area I'll be living in without doing so, due to the advanced age of the neighborhood), so I'm thinking I'll build beds on legs, about two feet high and four feet by eight feet. I figure that'll make it easy to work them, and you should be able to reach the middle pretty easily. Good drainage, etc.

My company has a demo dumpster FULL of old shipping crates made of 1/2" plywood with a 2x4 frame. These should make wonderful box bottoms. There's other wood in there, too, that'll be perfect for the legs and sides. Free is good!

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