Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Maker challenge 6 and 7- Mini-lathe and RepscRap

I keep falling behind, but I'll not be more than one day back, dammit!

Number 6- A mini-lathe. One of the most common things I use a lathe for is the drilling of a concentric hole (or reaming one out) in a circular object (gears and wheels, for instance). I don't need a super-accurate means to reduce a diameter or things like that, just a way to put a hole in the exact center of a gear when I'm trying to mate it to a particular shaft (of a potentiometer, or encoder, or what have you). I guess "lathe" is the wrong term, but it's the best I have.

Number 7- RepscRap. The RepRap, of course, is the open-source self-replicating 3d part printer. The RepscRap is an extension to that, a device which allows the reclamation of plastic material of appropriate composition by shredding it, melting it, and extruding it as a stick or rod the can be re-used in a RepRap. The material would be recaptured from junked electronics, pop bottles, or whatever uniform source of approrpriate material. Of course, I need to make a RepRap before this matters.

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