Saturday, April 25, 2009

April maker challenge 16- portable collapsible squat bar for birth

My wife is pregnant. She is very interested in pursuing natural childbirth practices, and one of those is the idea that squatting during childbirth is preferable to being flat on the back.

We have some concern that our chosen birthing "venue" (Fairview Riverside) may not have the necessary item for facilitating this position, and I desperately want to support my wife's birth plan, so I'm thinking about figuring out what exactly is required for this and trying to make it real and portable in the next six months. I'm guessing there are other women out there who might want this sort of thing as well.

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  1. Very cool, our first was a home water birth. Our second was supposed to be, but ended up being a c-section because of complete placenta previa. If you haven't already I recommend attending a Bradley class, it really helps you understand the process. Congrats!