Monday, November 1, 2010

The future's pretty cool 6-8

Three-for-one today, because I pretty much didn't touch a computer all weekend.  I need to figure out how to pre-post things.

6.  High resolution dislpays

As Apple has famously pointed out, our eyes are capable of absorbing much greater detail than digital systems typically provide them with.  "Normal" vision (ie., not SEVERELY color-blind, or capable of being corrected to 20/20 with reasonable glasses/contacts) allows for a tremendous data density in a small package, and displays are finally starting to catch up with that.

7.  Gaming as a force for good

Some folks out there have finally recognized that the competitive spirit can be harnessed for good- from MMOs like WoW being used as economic microcosms and social fishtanks to competitions in neighborhoods to reduce power consumption.

8.  The local food movement

This is a fave of mine, because it means that it's now possible to buy locally grown food direct from the farmer at prices comparable to the really cheap pre-packaged stuff.  Net result: better food, lower prices. 

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